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What Sets Yates Apart

Yates 行业 provides exceptional products with superior customer service.

客户 服务

Yates 行业 began with the goal of providing exceptional products with superior customer service. 50多年后, we have exceeded those goals 和 have earned the reputation for delivering a superior product that not only lasts, but also surpasses its expectations. 在买足球app推荐工业, we strive to utilize our reliable fleet of local service vehicles to deliver 和 pick up your product on time, 每一次. Yates combines efficient manufacturing with an engaging staff who is devoted to service your request 24 hours per day, 每周7天. With experience creating hundreds of new cylinder designs across three major design platforms, Yates offers over a dozen engineers on staff to help design 和 manufacture the most comprehensive cylinder supply in the marketplace, while also having one of the largest cylinder repair footprints in the United States. Through our dependable 和 affordable products 和 a passionate service staff, we guarantee that when you think quality hydraulic cylinders, 你想到买足球app推荐, YOUR CYLINDER SOURCE.



Yates 行业 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. With quality control as a main priority, we proudly offer one of the industry's leading warranties at three full years for JIC/NFPA cylinders. We can do this because we use only the finest materials 和 the most experienced production staff. Yates has the resources to interchange any competitors cylinder, 和 Yates cylinders have proven to be the most reliable 和 cost effective cylinders available today.



我们的 engineering department uses the very latest in CAD technology. 在他们手中, this sophisticated software allows Yates 行业 to customize cylinder components to your most dem和ing specifications.



Yates 行业' extensive machining department includes boring mills, 数控机器, 手动车床, OD研磨机, radial arm drills 和 so much more. We have the means to h和le your largest cylinder applications — with the in-house capabilities to turn parts up to 65 inches in diameter, 长度27英尺.



Yates 行业 maintains a huge inventory of both raw 和 finished goods. By maintaining such a large inventory, we can guarantee that your cylinder will be manufactured 和 delivered to you under the most dem和ing deadlines.



我们的 certified welders are highly trained in both MIG 和 TIG welding. We have designed 和 built custom welding fixtures that assure the highest quality 和 consistency of weld. We also specialize in the process of bronze overlaying.


上面的测试: & 除了

As an integral part of our quality process, all cylinders are cycle-tested to their rated working pressure before being delivered to the customer. 我们的 test st和s are rated for applications up to 10,000 PSI. 除了, we have designed 和 built custom load cells capable of h和ling 250,000磅力.



With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we build your cylinders faster 和 with better quality than our competition. 超过300人,000 square feet of production area, we are capable of h和ling small jobs on a rush basis up to your largest production runs.



Yates 行业 manufactures a full line of NFPA/JIC approved cylinders with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. If you need a specialty cylinder, look no further than Yates 行业 — we can manufacture any 和 all cylinders to your specifications.

我们的 任务

Yates 行业 Inc is a manufacturer 和 rebuilder of hydraulic 和 pneumatic cylinders of world class value. 我们的 goal has always been to offer our customers the utmost in quality, service, 和 reliability. We achieve this through our most valuable resource, our people. Operating with the highest degree of workmanship 和 pride we strive to be the st和ard by which our competitors are judged.


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